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Graduate Recruitment Fellowships (GRFs) will engage PhD and terminal MFA students with digital humanities opportunities early in their graduate careers. Coordinated with graduate admissions activities among participating departments, the fellowships will be offered during the students’ first two semesters on campus.

The Fellowships include two key components: 1) an opportunity to engage with hands-on activities in coordination with UNC digital humanities entities and 2) top-up funding to allow incoming students to focus on research and jump-start digital humanities projects.

The Fellowships will be offered through coordinated efforts involving four campus groups. Participating departments will identify promising candidates from among their pools of admitted graduate students; the CDHI will oversee the program and coordinate an Administrative Board and selection committee made up of faculty and representatives from campus digital humanities entities; participating digital humanities entities will provide a five hour per week hands-on experience for selected candidates during their first two semesters on campus. These partnered groups will share the cost of the GRF.